Crimson Moon--Saturday

We were both so tired this morning.  I had a noon date, however, so I woke at 11 a.m. and showered, dressing in long white stockings, a black and white flowery knit dress that clung to me, and black leather shoes.  College Guy woke soon after me and we both dragged ourselves into the main party room.  The Vendor's Fair was in full swing, and I had promised to do something called "Swats for Tots".  One of the main party leaders had organized a charity raffle of types, and people were paying a dollar a spank to spank or be spanked by various people.  I had been all excited about this event, and sort of nervous that maybe people would spank me with hard paddles and I would have a bruised sore bottom and not get to play the rest of the day.  However, it seemed like there were so many people offering to be spanked or to spank for dollars, that I wasn't needed at all.  So I actually didn't end up doing it.  College Guy and I browsed the vendor fair's items and bought two of the cheaper items.  We kept walking by the London Tanner booth, but we both knew it wasn't in the budget to get something like that.  Oh well.

I did end up buying a very cute tiny wooden paddle.  College Guy stuck it in his pocket and whenever he brought it out, people would comment, "Oh, that's a paddle for places other than bottoms."  I had definitely not bought it intending for it to be used other than on bottoms...but oh well.  I guess you learn something new everyday.  I had actually bought it because it was petite and cute, and if I ever topped a girl, I would like to use something small and easily handled like that.  I could just imagine using it on someone, and that's why I bought it.

We ended up wandering on the floors a bit and found one of the guys from the previous night who'd let College Guy try out his implements.  He was hanging out in Dr. L and T's room with a new girl who'd just come for the day and was leaving that night whom I'll call AL.  Dr. L and T left their room to us to babysit while they went and shot some videos, and we ended up just chatting about random spanko stuff.

AL was so much fun, definitely one of my favorite people to hang out with this weekend.  It wasn't long before I said something bratty to College Guy, and since I was already feeling comfortable having my bottom bared in front of the guy from the night before, I layed my brattiness on extra thick.  So College Guy took me over his lap and spanked me in front of the guy and AL.  Then, all of a sudden, things progressed in our chatting and somehow AL ended up over the ottoman in the middle of the room, with the one guy giving her some spanks.  She was the type of girl that argued during a spanking--so cute!  And, then, before I knew it, College Guy had jumped in with a "You're not done yet." And he gave her some spanks as well.

If College Guy cares about anything, he cares about arguing and being right.  So I found it hilarious that as he spanked AL over the ottoman, he argued right back and told her how whatever comment she had made was wrong, etc.  Not in a mean way of course, but in a playful way.  Part of me was so proud of him, and part of me thought he was weird for caring so much about arguing while he was spanking her.

A little later J from the night before popped in the room and he already knew AL.  So he gave her an OTK spanking right there while we all watched.  The one thing I found slightly disconcerting during this party and never quite got over was how suddenly someone could go over someone else's lap and how awkwardly entertaining it all was to sit there and get to watch the proceedings.  I always had tiny feelings of embarrassment and that maybe the spankee would like us to all walk away and let them enjoy their spanking without our prying eyes.  Still, I loved watching.

After an hour or so, we migrated to a room across the hallway.  I call this room, "the room where all the women flung themselves over College Guy's lap".  We walked in on a girl being spanked by a certain guy, and I had already known from fetlife that these people were a couple.  But then the girl asked College Guy to spank her, and suddenly, one after another, all the women in the room took turns getting spanked by College Guy. AL went over his lap again as well, and he pulled out my liny little wooden paddle I had bought at the Vendor's Fair and used it on her.   I got spanked by the one guy in the room that we had walked in on while he spanked someone, just a light hand spanking. The girl he had been with handed him a paddle and he said something like "Nope, I just can't use that." I have no idea why he wanted to be so nice to me.  It was actually sort of aggravating.

We all went to dinner together and ended up sitting at a table with LilyStar, R, J who had spanked me the night before, A, and then there was College Guy, AL and me.  Towards the end of dinner, one of the main leaders of Crimson Moon was given a gift and made a speech about one of the leaders from years past who had died last year.  It was pretty awful, watching this tough dude try not to cry as he talked about his friend and how much he cared about this community.  I think I'll always remember sitting at that table and watching that speech.

Earlier in the day, I was feeling particularly "school bus driver-ish" and had mentioned to J that after he had stopped spanking AL and left the room, she had confided in me that "He really took it easy on me." AL had screeched at me that I was a horrible brat and she hated me, but I just grinned. ( I know, dear readers, your own sweet...cough...Bonnie-jo.) So, right before dinner, J had put AL on a bed and strapped her with his belt.  However, there had been a mishap and she had kicked her foot up right when he was coming down.  Alas, her foot had been hit, and he had felt terrible about it, although he still tried to act a bit stern about it, telling her, "You need to be more careful about your feet."

Anyway, so at dinner, I brought up the fact that he had hit her feet, trying my hardest to get him to continue to feel bad about it (I know, I'm a sadist in my own way.) He really didn't seem to feel sorry anymore, so I went another route.  I teased him that maybe he'd hit her foot because he needed a new glasses prescription, since he wore glasses and all.  I also teased him that the night before when he had spanked me while LK watched, he didn't start spanking hard until LK arrived.  So I told him that he had abused my bottom just because he had wanted to impress his audience. He told me that I was getting spanked again, and AL nodded at his decision and told him he was doing the right thing.  AL told him that I was a brat and really needed a spanking.  I told him that it took a brat to know a brat....and the conversation went downhill from there, with AL and I getting ourselves into more and more trouble, and College Guy mainly looking on and supporting the fact that J should spank us and that we deserved it.

People started to leave the dinner area, and Naughty Freckles made the announcement that any and all willing and strong gentlemen would be most welcome to help her move the tables and chairs around for the soon-to-happen Miss OTK Contest.  College Guy and J got up to help move chairs, and AL and I saw our moment to escape their clutches.  We ran towards the door, looking for the trash can.  J was somehow at the door, sort of guarding it.  "Are you two trying to run away?" He asked.  "Oh no, we're trying to find trash cans. Do you know where one is?" I replied. We put our plates in the trash, and then somehow, we slipped out the door without anyone seeing us.

We raced out the door, and then for want of a plan, we stopped off in the reception area outside the party room.  I think we really didn't want to "hide" that well.  We just wanted to make an attempt for it and then get caught and carted off for our spankings.

However, that was not to be the case.  Because P who had spanked me the very first night rounded the corner, and seeing us sitting there, said, "Hey, I need someone to spank. Are you girls busy?"

Lol, that was a pick up line from the hood, if I ever did hear one.  But I liked how P spanked, and I knew he had a huge reputation at this party.  It seemed like he never had a free moment. There was always someone playing with him.  And I had heard that he was a very hard player.  Up on the 6th floor where we had met before, there was an entire collection of London Tanner implements, probably about 15-20 in all, hanging, foreboding and beautiful in a special implement carrier.  I had been told by other girl's that I could ask P, and he would give me the "Tour of London".  I told College Guy, "I really want to do that." But he had given me a doubtful look and reminded me that I needed my butt to last all day because there were a lot of other people I'd want to play with besides P.  Which was true, of course.

Anyway, the other problem was that College Guy had told me before the party that one of his rules was that I would let him know where I was if I was going to go off with some guy.  But I kind of forgot that in the process of trying to run away from him and J.  I fumbled a quick text to College Guy as I rode the elevator with AL up to the 6th floor.

(To be continued...)


Crimson Moon, Day 2, part 2

It was Friday night, and College Guy and I piled into one of the car of the guys we'd been eating pizza with.  I remember being super impressed by his music choices as we drove back to the hotel.  Very BDSM-ish.  There was one song he played especially for us and we all marveled at the words and how well they went with the theme of the weekend.

We got back to the hotel just in time for Spanking Court to start.  I arrived extremely stressed and squirmed on my chair during the whole thing because I was sure I had been written up for something.  This same morning a newly made friend and I had played a prank and hidden something that we were sure would be missed in the party room.  As I sat there and watched the hilarious and cutesy scenes enfold and person after person was spanked in the middle of the room while the people playing the judge and defense attorney looked on (Tubaman being the judge and Sarah Gregory being the defense attorney), I grew less and less excited about being spanked in front of everyone in public.  There was a variety of people being spanked.  Some people weren't funny and just took their spanking with a smile.  One guy was told he was not guilty and could go sit down, but he said something like "Your honor, please, I would like to take my punishment anyway." Everyone giggled.  One guy didn't react to his spanking at all, and it was clear that he was not sorry at all. I loved his attitude and clapped really hard for him.  But most of the girls who were brought up for spankings had hilarious comebacks or cute, scared, pouting faces.  I knew that was not me.  At least not in public.  So I fidgeted and sweated in my seat, hoping against hope they wouldn't call my name.

And you know what? They didn't.  All that worry for nothing.  My bratty friend that I had gotten in trouble with had known the whole time that our names had been taken out of the batch of people to be spanked, but she hadn't told me this.  Now that, folks, is truly evil. Lol.  I will have to get her back somehow at a later date.

Anyway, the two guys that College Guy and I had ridden back to the hotel with from the pizza place had asked College Guy if he wanted to come over to their suite and try out their collection of implements.  In our conversation earlier while waiting for our pizza, they had been listing all the implements they brought, and it was very apparent that they had way more implements than College Guy and I.

Of course, College Guy agreed and, well, I knew that "trying out implements" would only mean that I had to be there too.  So I followed them into their suite and realized that this was an interesting situation  and the kind I'd always wanted to be in.

The wanton voyeur in me was definitely excited by the next hour or so.  I've always wanted College Guy and another guy to spank me together, or College Guy to watch while I was spanked by another guy, etc.  Guys get excited by the idea of being with two girls...well...I'm no different.  :)  Anyway, the two guys were very respectful, and that helped so much.  A large part of the time I laid (or squirmed) over a couple of pillows on the bed and they pulled out random straps and implements, talked about them to College Guy (kind of like they were describing some new tool they were going to use to fix a car...) and then College Guy would give me a 1-5 swats with it.  There were a lot of implements.  I knew this fact, and still wanted to have a bottom left to play with into the night-time hours, so I played up being very sensitive and tender.  College Guy took it easy on me, and that made the hour extra nice.  The guys showed him how to use a flogger, something he'd never used before.  When I was a little spanked out and there weren't many implements left, one of the guys asked me if I wanted to try out some real handcuffs, since he was a cop and had some handy.  I was so excited!! Part of me has always wanted to be arrested just so I could try out some real handcuffs.

The handcuffing was so cool.  The cop was gentle (and afterwards, whenever I talked the cuffs up to College Guy, he reminded me "He was going easy on you. If you were really arrested it wouldn't feel that nice.") The cuffs could be adjusted to how slim your wrists are, which is a good thing because my wrists are smallish.  He had a key, and he let me keep them on for awhile, just so I could fiddle with them and actually try to slip them off myself.  I love trying to get out of things.  It's so rewarding when you can take something off that is confining you.  And it's also so nice when you can't.   But the cuffs, obviously, were impossible to slip out of.

We left those guys' room with me floating on all the attention I had just received.  I felt so very guilty though, that College Guy had still not spanked any girls besides the one girl who had come with P.  I had just spent another hour being given attention and affirmation, and he had been stuck with me, the same girl he'd spent a whole year spanking , and now here he was again, still stuck with me.  I apologized to him, asking him if he was okay.  But he said he was and that he had had fun.

We went back to our hotel so that I could change into more comfortable clothes and change my panties...necessary...and then we went back to the main suite on the 6th floor.  I was so tired by this point.  We were small talking in the room when a guy started talking to us about random stuff and before I knew it, I had agreed to let him spank me.  I told College Guy that he didn't need to come along, but he came just the same.  The guy took us to his suite, and College Guy and I were surprised to see people that we already knew hanging out in this new guy's suite.

I'll just do the initial thing and call him J. So J took me to the bed area of the suite while College Guy stayed out in the couch area and talked with the people he knew.  LK from the girl/girl party was there, and so was Naughty Freckles and some others.

J took me by surprise by sitting on the bed and then fixing me with a very toppy look.  He told me that we were going to have a safe word and he and I quickly discussed what implements I wanted or didn't want.  Then before I knew it, he had reached out for me and began unzipping my short shorts.  This was actually kind of weird for me, and I had a fleeting thought, hoping that College Guy wasn't going to get mad at anything this guy did.  I had to actually concentrate on not turning around and seeing if College Guy was watching and if he was okay.   No one had yet unzipped my clothes and pulled anything down. It's a very intimate feeling.  I realized no has ever done that to me except for my magician and College Guy in my whole life.

J spanked firmly but slowly with his hand, just feeling me out.  I had my eyes closed but when I opened them randomly I saw he was watching me intently, gauging my reactions.  A couple more spanks and I heard movement to my right.  LK had come over and was curled up on the other bed, "I hope you don't mind an audience" she told me.  So I told her I didn't, and we began discussing random matters.  I really liked LK from the first moment I had started talking with her at the girl/girl party.  She was so young and pretty, but she didn't seem stuck on herself at all, just real and fun loving.  We kept up our conversation for awhile, and then suddenly I realized that I was still over J's lap, but that he wasn't spanking me anymore.  He was just sitting there with an odd smile on his face, letting LK and I talk.  What a gentleman.

But I'm bratty to gentleman.  It's how I pay them for being so nice...lol. I don't remember exactly what I said to him, probably something about how nice he was to let us dictate just when he should or shouldn't spank me and how girl talk is much more important than getting spanked and he was astute to realize this.  Whatever I said, he went into full beat down-mode.  It wasn't long before he grabbed a hairbrush and I was soon squirming to get away.  But he was a tall guy, and he easily pinned me down.  I guess I started making some noise because soon College Guy had joined LK on the bed and asked me if I was okay.  I was but I was already close to trying to use my safeword.  The best way I can describe J's spanking was that he spanked a lot like College Guy does.  There was the beginning of the spanking, which is supposedly a warm up, but which is more of a fake-spanking to get you to relax and think that this is going to be a "nice spanking".  It hurts a little, just enough to tease you and make you squirm a tiny bit. And then the next part of the spanking is so fast and intense you don't know what hit you. Lol.  But I didn't safeword and he went on to give me some strap licks which, of course, were somewhat nicer than the hairbrush.

After my spanking, J, LK, College Guy, Naughty Freckles and I sat around in the suite and just small talked into the wee hours of the night.  T and Dr. L found us at some point and so did A, the main friends we'd eaten pizza with.  T found a bottle of unopened wine in the hallway and invited everyone to brave some "hall wine" explaining she hoped it wasn't poisoned.

We chatted in that way people do when they are excited, very sleepy, but don't want to go to bed and give up the night. Dr. L spanked A a bit and T took LK over her lap.  Naughty Freckles, since she was a switch and told us she was feeling very toppy,  kept batting her eyelashes at College Guy and pouting, trying to coerce him over her lap.  She must have asked him 10 times that night, but he kept telling her no and smiling at her antics.

We finally said goodnight to all.  And we slept well that night.  What a day it had been.


Crimson Moon, Day Two, Part 1

We woke up bright and early and had our free continental breakfast.  The party room opened at something like 9:00 a.m., I forget exactly.  The time it opened was inconsequential, because absolutely no one but College Guy and I ventured in that early.  Other than joining with a couple of other brats in a small early morning prank, the details of which I will not mention because it could possible give away who I am..., the morning dragged a bit.  College Guy and I visited the local mall and bought a couple toiletry items I had forgotten because I always forget things on trips.

At 1:00 p.m. I went off to the Girl/Girl Spankfest up in the same suite we had played in the night before.  College Guy went off to grab a beer with a couple of other tops.  So manly, drinking beer...Anyway, the Girl Party went well, although I did not spank anyone or get spanked.  I guess I was too busy chatting people up and watching others do their thing.  And oh, there were some sights to be seen.  Some of the guys had joked that they had placed tiny cameras behind pictures on the wall and that a large group of them were smoking cigars in the other room and watching us.  If they had been doing that (which they surely were not), I'm sure they would have been enjoying themselves immensely.

I was a bit nervous about the Girl Party because I'm an almost strictly straight girl.  If I have any bi in me, it's just a little tiny bit.  But I got to actually make friends with girls my age that I would end up spending time with during the rest of the party, namely A and LK.  We spent time crosslegged on the floor huddled in a corner, just small talking about ourselves, our relationships, how certain types of guys throw us off, and what we love about all of this spanking stuff. It made me feel like I really belonged, at least a little.

College Guy texted me towards the end of the Girl Party that his hand was "getting twitchy".  I went in search of him, knowing that if he was stooping to Fifty Shades of Grey speak, then he must be getting twitchy indeed.

College Guy was so patient during these first couple of days.  It's hard when you're an unknown top and you aren't in that perfect 30 -- 40 age range when it seems that all the girls flock to you because you're all scary and authoritative and stuff.  So, at this point in the party, he had still only spanked me.  We needed to make friends with some girls, and we needed to make them before this second party day was over.  I could tell that he was feeling a bit annoyed at how hard it was to break into a group and just spank a girl. He was talking to them easily, but spanking them is definitely a step up.  I would not want be a new top at a party like that.  So I just want to point out that I thought he did a great job.

I had made friends at the Girl Party, but I didn't have any of their suite numbers or cell numbers.  So we went pacing the floors, trying to catch someone familiar and find out where the party was at.  I saw an acquaintance from the night before, and I asked her if she knew where A was at.  She did!!

And after that first awkward question and awkward poking of our heads into the room A was in, it was all downhill from there.  Because A was in none other that Dr. L's and T's suite, and I had already briefly talked to Dr. L on fetlife.  We hung out in there and traded Bible School stories, since we had both been former Bible College dropouts.  He asked if he could paddle me and do some sort of Bible College roleplay, and I agreed.  Sadly, this week was so busy that the roleplay never happened. Ah well. Next time!

Dr. L and T were rooming with P and BC, so they were scurrying around in the room trying to get unpacked.  Before I knew it, I was over P's lap for a hard hand spanking.  I had made the mistake of making faces at P the night before during a spanking from a  kind older gentleman.  I had been really, really bored as he he gave the lightest hand spanking I'd ever received in my life.  P had been sitting on the opposite bed, spanking some poor girl.  But, after she got off his lap, he sat there and watched me as I almost fell asleep across this older gentleman's lap. So I made faces, yawned, gagged, etc.  I was bored.

Well, P's spanking was definitely not boring, and he kept moving me slightly on his lap, flipping my legs up onto the bed, etc, so that I felt that slight feeling of powerlessness that adds so much to a spanking.

After he was through with me, he asked College Guy if he would like to spank the beautiful BC, his partner at theparty.  Of course, College Guy agreed, and BC was his first spankee besides me.  I leaned back on the wall and just watched them.  It was the first time I'd ever witnessed College Guy spanking anyone, and I liked the sight.

We were invited to join the group for some good classic Chicago pizza, and the whole ride there and the during the hugely long wait to be seated, I couldn't help giggling and jumping about inside, thinking "We're with a group!  We are actually with a spanking group and these people are talking to us!!"

I know everyone must say the same thing, but Dr. L and T are probably the cutest and most approachable spanko couple I have yet met.

Finally, we piled back into our vehicles to try to get back in time for the ever hilarious Spanking Court, and I shall now save the rest of Day Two for next time. :) Too-da-looo.