I hate it when I blush

I'm thinking public spankings aren't my thing. I blush way too much.
So last night I went to a friend's Japanese-style party. She made octopus dumplings, soy beans in the pod, and we all drank sake. I, of course, got a bit carried away with the sake part of the evening--it is awesome warmed up, in case you've never tried it that way.
At one point, we were all in a circle, getting ready to play Apples to Apples. Some people were on couches or chairs, some were on the ground. I was lying on my stomach in the shortest shorts I own...definitely feeling the sake, but excited about the game. The hostess of the party sat cross-legged next to me, and we were bantering about something.
At one point, she reached over and gave my butt a smack.
Too much sake..and I can't really remember all of the details...but she said something like, "I bet you liked that."
To which I replied loftily , "No I hated it so you should do it again."
Our slightly tipsy audience had grown a bit quiet, as she smacked a few more times, causing me to burst into a fit of giggling.
Then one of the few guys in the room said "Look at her blushing, guys! "( and my redness became that much deeper) " And did you see how she was arching her butt up at the end there...?"
"Shut up!" I told him, trying to breathe calmly and get my face to stop burning.
So there's my spanking in a vanilla/(who knows) crowd. It was short and sweet. And I don't think I'd like to repeat it. I hate it when I blush.