Still Alive

Dear Readers,

Hello. Bonnie-jo here, apologizing most vehemently for the long absence of posts. I moved to another state, just for the summer, and computer problems have prevented me from blogging.

So much has happened!! I do not know where to begin. Or what to not tell. I can't include all of the juicy tidbits, but I'll try to recall the pertinent stories and happenings.

Part of the reason for moving for the summer was that I was able to drive by College Guy's house and stay there for a couple of days.
The very first night I was spanked with a clothes hangar (they are almost silent). It was a reminder-spanking, one intended to help me on an issue that I was doing OK with, but one that I was going to need to keep a handle on especially this summer, in my new location. It was fun to try to be quiet as his mom and brother slept peacefully upstairs.

Little things happened during this last visit, things that made me feel like maybe I'm actually falling for him. Can tops be so firm that they make your heart melt? Can they insist that yes, they are going to spank you whether you like it or not, whether you're in the mood or not, whether you feel ready or not, because you need a spanking now, you've needed one for a very long time, and you're going to get one, all with a light in their eyes, a warmness to their voice? Well, College Guy certainly did.

Sometimes my thirst for more spanking scares me. I had woken college guy up, the morning I had to leave. The school girl skirt I wore the first time we met fell against my thighs as he pulled me across his lap, pushed the skirt up, and began to spank. His night-owl schedule slightly ruined by my morning presence, he never-the-less thoroughly reddened my bottom, so that I could leave for the rest of my trip, sore and happy. He finished it with me bent over the arm of the sofa he had minutes before been sound asleep on. I waited for each blow as he paced back and forth behind me, paddling me from time to time, making me think of My Magician and his direful pacing.

After the spanking was over and we were cuddled up on said couch, chatting and making out a bit, he asked, "Do you want me to spank you again?"
Oh how I yearned for more. But I had just been spanked. How greedy can I allow myself to be? "No." I told him. But what a lie it was.

Like I said, so much has gone on. And much is in the distance. There have been College Guy-directed- self-spankings over the phone--only fun ones. There have been long and hard converstations late at night, about issues that I will attempt to write about at a later time. Perhaps some reader out there will be encouraged by my struggle. Perhaps it's something others struggle with as well.

I have a meeting with My Magician scheduled in a couple of weeks. And the spanking is going to be exciting. Exciting =punishment (duh).

But for now I must go to bed, as it is almost 4 am. Good night, all. Sigh... it is good to be back.