I Hate You, but I Hate to See You Cry

I hate you, but I hate to see you cry
You make my world a hard place to breathe
But I know you have to be human like me
And so you hurt when they bring you down and you want to win
And be beautiful

Sometimes I think I love you and want you beautiful
Sometimes I think I might really care what you feel
And then you crash my dreams, you call me nothing
And I can't let you win and be beautiful
By making me ugly

I feel ugly that I am sad when you are happy
But I only hate to see you cry.

I feel like you don't see anything
Nothing that is real
How can I care when I don't understand you
How can I see you when I am shutting my eyes and my ears
When looking at you makes me want to close my eyes and pretend you're not there.

You're not going anywhere
Not going away
Not until we both live our lives
We're stuck

We are so different you and I
I hate you, but I hate to see you cry
Maybe one day I will see
That we can both be happy

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